Air Treatment

& Accessories

The latest within air treatment. Protect your systems and protect the environment.

Line Filters

Atmospheric air contains impurities like: dust, hydrocarbons and water in the form of humidity, which once sucked by the compressor is compressed and delivered to the line together with eventual oily particles.

Original Compressor Lubricants

Original compressor lubricants have a unique formula designed for optimal performance, maximizing compressor lifetime and keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Original Line Filters for Compressors

Original filter elements eliminate oil particles and condensate to make sure you can rely on your compressor for optimal performance.

Air Receivers

Suitable for any compressed air solutions, our air receivers decrease the risk of unstable pressure peaks, condensate risk and multiple start/stop of the compressor.

Oil-Water Separators

Oil in the condensate can be an environmental risk. Remove the risk and reduce your cost with the oil-water separator.

Condensate Drain

Removes condensate and reduces the risk of destructive wear of your air system.

Pneumatech Compressed Air Filters

Pneumatech filters: for clean, pure compressed air.

AIRnet Piping System

Match your great compressor with a fast, easy and reliable piping solution that supports the operational excellence of your whole compressed air system.

Pneumatech Purelogic Controller

Pneumatech Gas Generators

Pneumatech designs and manufactures both standard and engineered on-site gas generator products. Nitrogen and oxygen generator are available with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology.

Pneumatech Air Receivers

Pneumatech offers a full line of air receivers with capacities of 60 to 5000 gallons.

Pneumatech Breathing Air Solutions

Built to exceed standards, our innovative Breathing Air Dryers have the best-in-class performance thanks to unique 7 stage filtration system and unique design.

Pneumatech Condensate Management

Pneumatech’s condensate management portfolio includes solutions for separating, draining, detecting and treating oil condensate.


With no-load valve especially for high pressure, multi-stage and turbo compressors. Should the operating pressure of the compressor drop below 0.8 bar (e.g. with multi-stage compressors in the idling stage), then an additional no load valve opens. The condensate can then discharge without pressure. If the operating pressure exceeds 0.8 bar again, then the no-load valve closes and the BEKOMAT operates in its standard function.


For applications in large compressors. The complete housing of this BEKOMAT condensate drain is made of cast stainless steel and is therefore designed for use in aggressive atmospheres, as well as for the discharge of condensates from special gas compression. They are mainly utilized in petroleum plants and refineries, in the petrochemical industry and in crude or mineral oil plants.

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Summit Compression LLC is the Chicago Pneumatic distributor for compressors, parts, dryers, tanks, and inline filters. We are also the service center for Chicago Pneumatic in this area which means we do all the warranty registration and warranty work on any Chicago Pneumatic Machines. We are also proud distributor of pneumatech and AMSOIL products.

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